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Company history

Al Roshd Company has started since 2010 in the Egyptian ports with a specialized work team and an administrative team with previous experience spanning 5 to 20 years.

And to establish partnership and agency relationships with all global ports with major insurance, inspection and inspection companies, storage yards and warehouses to ensure goods arrive safely and save them at the lowest cost.

The company’s official activity started through the activity of international shipping, customs clearance and registration with the customs, the Egyptian Ports Authority and the licensing and permits department.

In 2012, it was registered in the registry of importers and exporters to serve unrestricted customers.

In 2013 Al-Roshd Company received the ISO certificate.


ISO certification

The ISO 9001 certificate is the general quality certificate that strictly commends the company’s practical course and the quality of its services. Private certificates and accreditations are those international certificates that testify to the strength of the company’s activity and testify to its experience, commitment and size of its work, knowing that these certificates are obtained only with strong previous work and international accreditation. Example: VIA and IATA, importers ‘and exporters’ registry and customs clearance license.

Since 2010

Continued efforts are made to develop logistical services provided to clients.

Certificates and Experiences

Pass a practice program

اجتياز برنامج مزاولة المستوردين

Pass a freight course of special nature

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Ease of ordering

It is possible for the customer to request any service related to the goods through the phone, social access channels, email or our site .. Knowing that in the event of the request for the first time, we must review with the customer the shipping methods that we will use in terms of method (sea / air) The duration of the trip, the price, the methods of receiving and delivery (with our suggestion of appropriate solutions), and he only has to choose, and we will save his choices for us to carry out the same process again easily, unless he made a specific amendment, this amendment will be included in his subsequent choices, and so on.

Dealing speed

By opening accounts for clients to facilitate procedures as we have secured accounts and balances with agents and suppliers, and we have a network of agents in all services at the level of all countries that brings us trust and strong relationships that have been built over the years and guaranteed by the governments of countries in order to facilitate the receipt or delivery of any goods

Speed of delivery

Through sound selection of shipping methods and reviewing them with the customer with a warning of the difference in prices, selection of suppliers and committed lines and good follow-up of the movement of goods and the cycle of documents and strong rapid intervention to solve any problem facing the delay of goods and the speed of conducting transactions through modern programs approved in the company with workers, lines, suppliers and all the official authorities . Where Al-Rushd Company has external systems linked to the customs network, shipping lines networks, banks networks and internal systems related to workers to know the movement of goods received from these networks

Our Reliance

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Egyptian Customs Authority مصلحة الجمارك المصرية

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EIFFA Leads Egypt Logistics Industry to Better Future

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FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations

IATA The International Air Transport Association

ISO the International Organization for Standardisation

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