Insurance Services

Insurance Services

Most clients who import and export should be insured for their goods to avoid any damage of loses in their shipment, there for al Roshd for logistics services provide an insurance service for coring of our clients.


  • This insurance includes shipping of shipment (air – sea – lane) till reaching clients stores.
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Transportation is carried out in our own cars or in the cars of our dealers and in the presence of the inspection representative, where modern cars are used that are supported by GPS in accordance with the instructions of the internal regulations and the enamel authority.

Specialized transport team

The transportation team in Al Roshd Company is specialized and ready to transport the goods at any time, with the possibility of aging or loading of goods of a special nature from the largest sizes to the smallest (shipment of 10 gm is a vital drug or live calves complex) where the appropriate method of packaging, transportation and shipping is determined for each shipment

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