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 Traders dream of starting their own business, and it can be very rewarding but it is also hard and risky work, which results in the failure of many new companies especially those who do not have any experience with the market, shipping operations and cargo insurance, especially that there is a large group that is ignorant of International trade laws and Egyptian standards
They do not know what the necessary procedures, expenses, approvals and conditions are related to completing their business, but the matter has become different with the Safety Trade service provided by Al-Roshd Company – one of the largest shipping and clearing companies all logistic services for importers and exporters – which can protect you from trade risks resulting from Loss of goods or incurring costs, and it will also ensure that your business is fully protected until you are ready to keep pace with the market on your own after gaining the necessary experience

 You can now order the Safety Trade service

Why choose Safety Trade service from Al-Roshd?

 Safety Trade service provides you with everything you may need to secure your trade

especially as it is one of the completely secure logistics services that suit large and small traders,

and you may wonder what motivates you to choose us, and the following is the answer to your question

  • Safety Trade aims to provide complete logistic services for safe trading, protecting individuals’ savings,
    and protecting the national economy
  • The Safe Trade service offers a secure price that is suitable for different segments of traders, and for small traders,
    there are packages at competitive prices specially prepared for those who are making their way in trade,
    which guarantees them 0% risk.
  • It preserves the ideas and savings of traders, especially those who are in the first stage of trade,
    until all experiences are gained and the markets are open.

Safety Trade Features

Pay the value of the deal in specific payments on the dates of the contract.

Actual delivery dates specified in the contract.

The customer obtains logistic expertise committed to a contract that guarantees the smooth running of the transaction.

The customer has the right to refund the payments in case the transaction fails due to any laboratory refusal circumstances or exposure to a fraud.

The transaction value is the store's asset value.

The customer has the right to obtain compensation resulting from delaying the supply in any circumstances and without incurring any grounds or expenses.

Payments are insured against any potential disasters or emergencies, whether global or domestic.

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